Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hello My Sweets!

How did you celebrate Friday the 13th? Obvi most of us don't celebrate it, but since I'm always down to try something new I ended up doing a flashlight tour of a REAL haunted house! Yep, a real house that has been in several paranormal studies & is said to be one of the most haunted places in the US. Eeeek! If you live in SF Bay you either have been to or have heard about the Winchester Mystery House (Hollyweird is making a movie, so you'll soon know all about it!). The house and it's builder, Sarah Winchester have a crazy, yet interesting history. For the sake of time I'll give a brief run through of its history & if you're still interested in hearing more I'll add some links at the end.

Sarah married the heir to the Winchester Rifle Company when she was young and soon began experiencing major traumas in her life. It wasn't long after she married before both her only child & husband passed away. After losing her family she maintained a controlling interest in the Winchester Company's shares and inherited over $20 Million, which is a HUGE windfall since this all happened in the late 1800's. After the deaths of her family she started experiencing unexplained paranormal happenings. She went to a Psychic & was told that the spirits of the people killed by Winchester Rifles were haunting her, and that if she wanted to live a long life she had to move out West & build a house to occupy the spirits. That she must NEVER stop building.

That's exactly what Sarah did, she moved to San Jose, CA and started building her Mansion filled with quirks. Sarah was the "sole" architect for the continuous project, she made many construction mistakes but also added intentional oddities. Such as doors that open to a wall, stairs that lead to no where, or even third story doors that open to the outside where you fall to your death. It's speculated Sarah added these to confuse the spirits. I'm not sure if I believe this because she had a séance room where she went every night at midnight & communicated with spirits to see what they wanted her to build next. Like I said before she was an eccentric woman. I really wish I had photos to add of the inside of the house, but they don't allow photos inside. Since it was a flashlight tour, I'm sure they would've noticed my flash going off otherwise I woulda snuck some for all you. I did get plenty of pics of their Museum & store though

Old Saloon Poker Set
Winchester Rifles
Smith & Wesson